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So it’s been a while since we’ve posted on this blog. Christina Marie bought a house and I’ve been plugging away at school (and having a crisis of faith when it comes to my chosen major, that is a story for a different blog on a different day) so spare time has been pretty rare […]

Let’s Rant


Can I just rant a moment? It’s Diatribe Tuesday over on Christina and I’s other blog, Indie As and I just finished writing a long rant about false advertising and I have a little something to rant about over here too. I am tired of having to stalk yarn shop updates to get these elusive […]

New Poll!


On Friday Christina Marie and I took a drive up to St. George, Utah for the afternoon. We wanted to get out of town for a few hours and we really enjoy going on drives together because we listen to This American Life and chat about things like God, politics, feminist theory and knitting. In […]

So, Miss Violet of Lime ‘n Violet fame is going through a really crappy time right now. Her ‘husband’ (in quotes because he’s a bit of a bastard and I’m using the term loosely) was caught cheating. So now Miss Violet is desperately trying to get the hell out of the marriage, the house and […]

WIP Round Up


Things have been hectic so we haven’t had a chance to post this week. Christina has a post she’s working on with a First Impressions for the Wollmeise which she’s knitting with right now but in the meantime I thought we’d hold a little ‘accountability’ meeting today and list our respective WIP’s. Be sure to […]

The Hat Heel sock from the new Knitty is adorable. I did find it a bit fiddley to begin with but      after the stitches were picked up for the foot and I got a few rows in it was a breeze. Same for the cuff. The only thing that was terribly awkward was the grafting […]

Commenter Jeri brought up a very good question this morning; she asked for my definition of ‘smooshy’ because she has knit with Dream in Color Smooshy several times and found it to be very smooshy. I’m going to define my idea of smooshy but I also want to note that my idea of smooshy, or […]

So Christina and I each balled a hank of Wollmeise on Saturday. She balled her hank of Orient which are intended to be a pair of Kai Mei socks. I balled my lone hank of Indisch Rot. This was taken just before it was reverently removed from it’s protective plastic wrap to be balled and […]

So this afternoon I washed my little red sock in some Eucalan and let it dry. 2 points in favor of this yarn: despite the slight color bleed on my hands while I was knitting with it, it did not bleed in the soak and after drying all afternoon it is in fact much softer […]