Review: Zoe Shawl and Noro Silk Garden Sock


I have been MIA, I know this. The thing is I have been hopping from project to project without finishing anything. Dani has been extremely prolific and I have project ADD. It’s like we have switched places. Anyway, I have managed to finish a couple of projects, one is the Zoe shawl by Emily Kausalik.

Finished Zoe

Finished Zoe

Zoe Close Up

Zoe Close Up

Zoe Modeled by My Sister, Diana

Zoe Modeled by My Sister, Diana

Pattern: Zoe by Emily Kausalik
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock
Needle: Size 6 Knit Picks interchangeable
Mods: Left off ruffle (knots in yarn=frustration and less yarn to work with)

Zoe is a very simple shawl for any level of knitter and is available for free on Ravelry. It consists of stockinette and garter stitch blocks with an optional ruffle at the edge. The pattern was crystal clear with lots of pictures and nicely formatted. It even has instructions on how to soak it without stretching out the ruffle. I am a person who loves and needs very clear and concise instructions. Guess who isn’t a fan of ‘recipe’ patterns? This gal.

Overall, it was an awesome tv watching (I have been obsessively watching House on DVD) and patiently waiting anywhere project. It looks really cool in self striping yarn and was the best project I could have made with the colorway. It shows off my favorite colors without lace distracting from it. I totally recommend it as a quick and easy Holiday gift (that time is rapidly approaching, knitters and crocheters).

Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. By now everyone knows the deal: awesome colors, nice striping, twigs and berries in the yarn, roughness and knots. When I started working with this yarn, I messaged Dani and told her to slap the next Noro I buy out of my hand because of the knots. I am officially taking that back. I have yet to see any yarn brand do what Noro does best, the striping and colors. That alone outweighs the bad in this case. There are other yarn brands out there trying to replicate it and in my opinion fails. The retail price of $20-$23 I believe is reasonable for the 328 yards of wool, silk, nylon and mohair.

While Silk Garden sock yarn is still not the softest yarn against the skin, it keeps the neck warm for sure and does soften up after washing. If you are making a gift out of this yarn, I would make sure that the person doesn’t think wool is itchy. If they have the slightest bit of hesitation, this yarn is probably not for them. If you are attracted to sock yarn because of color, like I am, Noro is for you. Just be patient because when you get to the end, it will be worth it.

Emily Kausalik can be found on her website (I totally recommend too. Very interesting read and she’s an Alkaline Trio fan too, Dani)

Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn can be found at your local yarn store or many online retailers.


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