Let’s Rant


Can I just rant a moment? It’s Diatribe Tuesday over on Christina and I’s other blog, Indie As and I just finished writing a long rant about false advertising and I have a little something to rant about over here too.

I am tired of having to stalk yarn shop updates to get these elusive sock yarns. You know the ones: Wollmeise, Bugga! from Sanguine Gryphon, Sundara and even several smaller ones like GothSocks from Rainy Days and Wolly Dogs.

I have finally gotten my grubby hands on some Wollmeise and Sundara, the Wollmeise is nice and interesting. It’s a

Sundara Yarn

Sundara Yarn

different base than I usually see and the colors are deep and intense. The Sundara, while a very nice yarn, is nothing spectacular. Why is it so expensive and hard to get a hold of? They take months to ship if you order it from them and no where else really stocks it. I’ve yet to see any Bugga! in person so I can’t speak to it’s quality, though I have had the pleasure of knitting with other Sanguine Gryphon yarn from way before she came up with the blockbuster Bugga! yarn.

I was recently able to buy a hank of the GothSocks from someone on Ravelry and I must say of all the weirdly popular sock yarns that are super hard to get your hands on; this is the first one to genuinely impress me. These yarns mix black stripes with other colors to make a very



visually stunning sock yarn. The colorway I bought is ‘Caged Cardinal’ from her Tim Burton sock club. It’s shades of red/orange with a delicious true black. I love this colorway but I desperately want to get my hands on her ‘Cake or Death’ colorway so I’m using the Caged Cardinal as bait for potential trades.

I’m trying to figure out what makes these yarns so suddenly popular to the point that you simply cannot get them without setting your alarm clock for an ungodly hour and camping at your computer with your cup of coffee and credit card number memorized. Is it the sense of exclusivity because they’re hard to get a hold of? Is there some pheromone worked into the fiber that I’m some how immune to? I just don’t understand what makes these yarns sell out in minutes and causes people to hoard them in their stashes. (Which drives me nuts.) What am I missing here folks? I love sock yarn, I go crazy for sock yarn, so I get the desire to own every possible flavor of yarn available. Despite that I’ve never felt the need to wake up at 4 a.m. and stalk a yarn update or obsessively collect every possible colorway from a dyer only to put them in my Ravelry stash and neither knit them or trade them for something else.

Explain this to me! I don’t get it.


One Response to “Let’s Rant”

  1. 1 Sarah

    Yeah, I’m right there with you on this one! After the mad mob for Bugga! at Sock Summit, I asked a fellow to show me his (which he admitted he bought because he saw others buying it out), and though it’s got nominal cashmere in it, I wouldn’t say I was absolutely amazed with the yarn or the colors. They were nice and earthy, but I was surrounded by amazing yarn! Are they one of the first to offer a blended sock yarn with cashmere? My guess is the exclusivity and brand image.

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