LYS Review – Heindselman’s Too


On Friday Christina Marie and I took a drive up to St. George, Utah for the afternoon. We wanted to get out of town for a few hours and we really enjoy going on drives together because we listen to This American Life and chat about things like God, politics, feminist theory and knitting. In that order usually. Since we don’t ever go anywhere without checking out the local yarn shops we found Heindselman’s Too in St. George immediately.

The shop is located in the historic part of town, surrounded by boutique style shops and restaurants and beautiful old houses. It’s right down the street from a huge and absolutely gorgeous Mormon Temple (or maybe just a big stakehouse? I’m not terribly familiar with the faith so I’m not sure if it was a Temple or just a stakehouse) and surrounded by tree lined streets. The shop is fairly big because it also houses embroidery and needlepoint supplies. The first room you enter is basically the yarn shop portion and then another separate room houses the needlepoint supplies, notions and sock yarns. We obviously headed straight for the sock yarns.

Here’s the review bit:

Ease to locate/park?: MapQuest directions were right on and the shop is clearly labeled.  There was only parallel parking out front but there seemed to be other parking lots nearby. We found a spot right out front.

Shop organization/size/selection: The shop was organized by types of yarn, but my major complaint here was their selection. There was a lot of yarn in the shop but at least half of it (if not more) was Plymouth yarns. I have no problem with Plymouth yarns but it’s frustrating to find a shop who obviously favors one particular brand to the exclusion of others. Their sock yarn selection was small but they had several smaller brands that I’d never heard of or seen in person. Christina bought some Plymouth Happy Feet and I bought Punta Yarns MeriSock. They had a large selection of Dream in Color Smooshy with lots of different color ways but their other brands were pretty scarce on variety of colorways. The size of the shop was nice and I like that they separated their needlepoint stuff from the yarn stuff.

Customer Service/Prices: Here’s where I really wasn’t super stoked on this shop; the woman running the place never once asked us if we needed help or even greeted us when we came in. She was helping a student some of the time but still found time to follow us from room to room in the shop making herself busy with something conveniently close to where ever we were standing. We had to ask to be rung up when we were ready to leave. She did offer to wind our yarns for us and at one point brought out a different colorway of a yarn that Christina was looking at from the back room for Christina to see it. When we left we didn’t get so much as a ‘goodbye!’ or ‘have a nice day’. I’m not sure if she was simply preoccupied or if she thought that we were going to steal from her. The prices were fair and consistent with pricing I’ve seen in most yarn shops, there was quite a bit of stuff on sale or slightly below average retail prices. Yarn was well kept and clean.

Overall it was a nice trip and a decent shop; though certainly not some where I’ll be frequenting or visiting again. I do think that if I lived in St. George and this was my LYS I might have to supplement my stash with online acquisitions, but I suspect that if I was a regular there I would get better service.

We have lots of reviews coming up soon: Opal Sock yarn, knitting software review, shawls knit with sock yarns, first impressions on a ton of different yarns and Soak vs. Eucalan (and other wool washes) and techniques for overdying ugly yarns. Keep checking back!


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