Love Wollmeise? Want a chance to win some?


So, Miss Violet of Lime ‘n Violet fame is going through a really crappy time right now. Her ‘husband’ (in quotes because he’s a bit of a bastard and I’m using the term loosely) was caught cheating. So now Miss Violet is desperately trying to get the hell out of the marriage, the house and the state. To do so though, she needs cash for moving/legal costs. So she’s raffling off some of her Wollmeise sock yarn! For every $5 you donate you get an entry to win 2 hanks of Wollmeise sock yarn; colorways True Love (ironic, no?) and Orient. Go here to donate.

There is also a growing list of knitters, designers and other crafty types who are offering to donate a portion of their sales to her as well, (update!) click here for the list!

If you don’t have the scratch to buy/donate; thoughts of good vibes for getting out and/or voodoo rites that her wretched husbands bits fall off are also welcome. Which ever one suits you more. 🙂


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