WIP Round Up


Things have been hectic so we haven’t had a chance to post this week. Christina has a post she’s working on with a First Impressions for the Wollmeise which she’s knitting with right now but in the meantime I thought we’d hold a little ‘accountability’ meeting today and list our respective WIP’s. Be sure to join in and leave a comment with what you’re working on as well! (Not all of these are sock projects, obviously, so feel free to share all your WIPs too!)

Dani’s WIPs:

  • Another small shawl of undetermined pattern. Knitting it with my Collinette Jitterbug.
  • Damson in Unique Sheep Luxe (Peacock Gradiance Colorway)
  • A baby cocoon for my unborn niece EM in Cascade Tuscany Grande (a thick n thin bulky wool)
  • A modified Every Way Wrap in Schulana Pac0lana. I’ve switched out the cable so it’s not reversible, but I think it’ll still look nice. This is a shop sample for Knit Las Vegas.
  • A Mangyle Vest for my sister for Christmas (I’m calling it the Katgyle) out of Cascade 220 wool.
  • A simple lace scarf of my boss’s design from Zitron Fundus (also a shop sample for Knit Las Vegas)

Christina’s WIPs:

So, as you can see Christina knits a lot of socks. Mostly those designed by Cookie A. I knit a lot of…uh, random stuff.

I’m also planning on casting on for the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret out of some Malabrigo Worsted. (mmmm.) Don’t judge me, I’m sick and will cast on randomly as I please. 🙂

What are you working on? (Or avoiding working on?)


3 Responses to “WIP Round Up”

  1. another pair of The Thigh’s The Limit stockings- one is done but I’ve yet to cast on for the second sock; yarn is Super Wool

    Continuum leg warmers by Sivia Harding- this is a very complicated cabled project that I can only work on when I can really focus. Its a long term WIP and I don’t feel guilty about that; yarn is Wild Thing

    Trinity Lace Shrug by Annie Modesitt- just started last night but am already on a roll. Its the most complicated crochet project I’ve ever attempted (mainly bc I haven’t done much crochet other than amigurumi) but so far so good. Yarn is Eos.

  2. Let’s see if I can remember all the WIPs I have.

    A Project Linus blanket that’s been under construction for sometime. Crocheted on the diagonal, and in acrylic.

    A full size chevron pattern afghan in acrylic.

    (Yeah. Let’s not forget that I’ve only recently discovered the wide world of non acrylic yarn)

    Staggered rib scarf by Suzie Blackman in Sirdar Click Chunky with Wool

    Seraphina’s Shawl by Doni’s Stuff in Schulana Mosco.

    Easy Soaker Pattern by Michelle Lewis out of Cascade 220 superwash.

    a couple of bags in various stages of construction. One is in a worsted weight cotton (can’t recall the brand) and the other is in Paton’s Grace cotton.

    A baby bottle cover (cozy) in cotton crochet thread (DMC Baroque that I dyed).

    Porphyria by Cissy Black using the Tofutsies yarn.

    The only other thing that comes to mind is the unfinished christening blanket that my mil was making for the hubby. Seeing as to how I’ve not done anything with it, I’m not sure it counts as a WIP.

  3. I’ve been trying really hard not to have more than one project going at a time. I have my next seven lined up and it’s killing me to not cast them all on.

    Right now I’m working on a k2p2 rib scarf for my friend Kristi (KnitPicks Shine Worsted) and a couple mug wraps out of some Danido Handspun. After that, I’m knitting the Acerola baby dress in KnitPicks Comfy. After that I’m doing a couple kids hats for a co-workers’ kids. Then there’s three different sock projects that I have yet to decide patterns on.

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