Breaking into the Wollmeise


So Christina and I each balled a hank of Wollmeise on Saturday. She balled her hank of Orient which are intended to be a pair of Kai Mei socks. I balled my lone hank of Indisch Rot.

Wollmeise - Mint Condition

Wollmeise - Mint Condition

This was taken just before it was reverently removed from it’s protective plastic wrap to be balled and forever sullied of it’s ‘mint condition’ designation. Now it’s just a ball of normal looking sock yarn. It’s soft, it’s certainly bright, but without the fancy plastic wrap and the tag identifying it as the Super Special Awesome Elite German Wunder Yarn, it’s just yarn. I don’t yet know what I’m going to knit with it, but I’m taking suggestions. Any ideas?

Also, here’s a fun little video of Christina winding her hank. Enjoy!


One Response to “Breaking into the Wollmeise”

  1. I love that Christina keeps closing her eyes and wincing during the omgscary! parts.

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