Smooshy Part Deux and Cherry Tree Hill At First Glance


So this afternoon I washed my little red sock in some Eucalan and let it dry. 2 points in favor of this yarn: despite the slight color bleed on my hands while I was knitting with it, it did not bleed in the soak and after drying all afternoon it is in fact much softer than I originally concluded. It’s still not as smooshy as I would like ‘Smooshy’ to be, and I continue to hold my ‘perfectly serviceable sock yarn’ views from before. I will be working up a larger item with the remainder of the hank to test for ‘next to skin’ wear before rendering a final verdict. Please do not misunderstand me, this yarn is lovely. The color way and vibrancy is absolutely stunning (which is what drew me to the yarn in the first place) and I do like it much better after a soak and dry,  my only complaint is that it’s not super squishy like the name implies. However, to be fair, this could be my fault for two reasons; a) I knit incredibly tight especially on DPN’s which is what I knit the baby sock on  and b) I knit a solid stockinette sock. Given the opportunity to ‘bloom’ properly in a lace or cable pattern or a looser gauge this may plump up. I’m going to knit the next item out of it on a looser gauge to see.

Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock First Impression: OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS YARN. It is a beautiful colorway of teals and greyish greens with wonderful bright punches of neon yellow, hot pink and lime green put in. I’m only 10 rows into ribbing on a pair of mitts but I absolutely adore it. The twist is very tight and my ribbing is popping like crazy, yet somehow it still manages to be almost supernaturally soft. I snagged this hank at a little yarn shop in Apple Valley, CA in May of this year on a trip to visit my grandmother who was in the hospital down the road at the time. This yarn was the fiber version of ’emotional eating’, I had just graduated college which my grandma wasn’t able to attend the ceremony because she was hospitalized, I drove out the day after my commencement ceremony to check on her and stopped at the yarn shop after visiting her at the hosptial to ‘calm my nerves’. I had almost forgotten I even had this yarn until I went ripping through my stash the other in search of sock yarns to review. I’m glad I picked this back out because it really is lovely.

Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock

Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock

More info on this yarn as I continue to work up the mitts. First Impression though is a firm ‘get you some’.


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