Dream in Color Smooshy – First Impressions


The name is a bit of a misnomer, first of all. Not the ‘Dream in Color’ part, the color is beautiful, but the ‘smooshy part. This yarn is not really that smooshy.  Which does not necessarily preclude it from being a good sock yarn. Here’s my official stats on this yarn:

Color: Vivid and fully saturated. Bled a little on my hands, but red is a hard color to fully set so I expected some bleed. The slight variation between the maroon and purple was pretty and slight enough that this color way could easily be worked in a pattern and not have the colors eat the pattern.

Texture: Not smooshy, but has a good twist and great stitch definition. I would use this a yarn for cables, lace or other patterns that require good stitch definition. Very good for strong sturdy socks, but not what I would choose for a shawl, cowl or anything else that was going to be next to soft skin.

Hype: Does not live up to the hype. A solid sock yarn to be sure but not nearly the ‘oooh so soft and squishy’ that it’s billed as.

Baby sock in Dream in Color Smooshy

Baby sock in Dream in Color Smooshy

Ultimately I will probably knit the rest of this hank up into a pair of socks for myself because I do like it as a sturdy sock yarn, though I am a little disappointed because I bought it with the intention of using it for a scarf or shawl since the color way was so perfect. I think this color way will lend itself nicely to a pair of lace socks though, so I think that’s what this will be used for.

Have you used this yarn? Agree/disagree with this verdict? Leave us a comment and let us know how you feel about Dream in Color Smooshy.

Edited to Add: It was brought up in the comments that this review is lacking and this yarn deserves further investigation. This review will stand as my ‘first impression’ of this yarn and I will reserve final judgement until I am able to knit a larger item, wash/block and test softness again.

Thank you for the insight guys! Still working the kinks out. 🙂

5 Responses to “Dream in Color Smooshy – First Impressions”

  1. 1 bellatulips

    I haven’t actually done socks out of the Smooshy yet, but I have a Kaleidoscope sweater (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kaleidoscope-4) out of the Baby, and it wears really nicely against the skin. I have several other skeins of Baby, and a couple of Smooshy, as well, all slated for socks and sweaters. I have to say the yarn does soften up after soaking/washing/blocking. Is it the softest yarn out there? Nah. But its a great go-to, and the colors are amazing!

    Keep up the new blog! Can’t wait to hear about all the other yarns!

  2. 2 yarnbeans

    In my humble opinion, I feel this review is sort of a half-review. I don’t think a sock yarn can be fully judged until it’s washed/worn, etc. Many yarns soften up and bloom with washing. Again, this is just my opinion but I think if you’re going to review yarns, several swatches should be knitted up in various patterns and with different needle sizes and then wash and wear tests performed to be completely fair to the yarn and the people who produce it. If I were a dyer, I would hate for my yarn to be reviewed from just the knitting of a baby sock (as this appears to be, I could be wrong).
    I do look forward to reading more reviews because I do believe this is a niche that needs to be filled. This was just my tiny bit of constructive criticism and in no way reflects any harsh feeling onto you.

    • Excellent points, I hadn’t thought of it before but you’re right. I will knit a larger swatch from this same yarn and do a follow up review in the next few days. Thanks for bringing up those points. I don’t want to get the reputation for half assed reviews. 😉 Thanks!

      • 4 yarnbeans

        Thank you so much for taking my comments to heart and for taking them in the spirit for which they were intended, which were meant to be constructive and not critical of you! It’s hard to get that across on the internet sometimes! 🙂

  3. I’ve knit one pair of socks with DIC smooshy and have another skein in the stash. I do think it’s pretty smooshy. But maybe we differ on what smooshy means? Could you give your definition?

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