One Sock Yarn At a Time


So, Christina Marie and I decided that we’re going to start reviewing sock yarns. Specifically those sock yarns that have crazy hype, are hard to find and have legions of screaming fans. We’re reviewing Rock Star Yarns. Yarns that have some how jumped the divide between ‘stuff you put on your feet’ and ‘ART you put on your feet’.

We have a list going of brands that we’re going to debunk. We’ll break it down for you whether they’re worth the hunt, cash and anguish to get a hold of them or if you’re better off sticking to what you know.

A little history on how this got started: Christina and I both got all nuts about getting our hands on Wollmeise. We just did not understand what was so special about this unassuming sock yarn. It had this celebrity status almost and there are tons of knitters who literally horde the stuff! After weeks of stalking Ravelry ‘trade/sell’ stashes, ISO threads and eBay we both got some. Christina has been a little more persistant that I, she has several hanks now including the much lusted after ‘Poison #5’. I have one lowly hank of Indisch Rot. (It’s still in the protective plastic wrap it came in.)

From there we started digging for other brands that people were just insane about that are hard to get a hold of or just have great reputations. We’ve got plenty to get us started in our respective stashes, but we’ve also just placed an order for a few new brands that neither of us have laid hands on before that we’ll be reviewing for you.

Christina is one of those fabulous sock knitters who keeps up with several sock knit-alongs at a time and manages to bust out at least a pair a month if not more. She knits the super complicated lace and cable charted ones and does not hestitate to rip out an offending pair should it decide not to behave. I on the other hand, despite teaching sock knitting at our LYS, am  not much of a sock knitter. I am a sock yarn lover though; I like to knit other things with my sock yarns and have recently gone on a massive sock yarn shawl kick. I just finished the Ishbel pattern and casted on for Damson right after. (Both out of Unique Sheep yarns, which is currently my go-to sock yarn stockist.) I also dye sock yarn and run a sock yarn club, but my sock yarn is not Rock Star Yarn so we won’t be discussing it here.

Stick around and maybe even suggest a yarn you’d like to see reviewed!

One Response to “One Sock Yarn At a Time”

  1. This is such a great idea, guys! I look forward to reading your reviews. 😀

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